Cheat Sheets


Created: 2019 August 16th

Updated: 2019 December 2nd

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Search homebrew

Search homebrew for apps, cli’s, tools

1brew search keychain


1brew install keychain

If the item you’re looking for is part of a cask:

1brew cask install visual-studio-code-insiders

Install multiple items in one command

1brew cask install firefox firefox-developer-edition

Check for and install updates

Check for updates on installed apps and upgrade anything that is outdated.

1brew update --verbose && brew upgrade `brew outdated`

Cask upgrade

Brew and casks are treated differently so the upgrade is a different syntax too.

1# check outdated
2brew cask outdated
3# update outdated
4brew cask upgrade

Alternatively there’s a package you can install.


1brew tap buo/cask-upgrade


1brew cu