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Updated: 2021 Jan 5th

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Install Git without xcode

In the terminal app do:


This will install prompt you to install them, agree to the terms and it will download: git, svn, libtool, perl, make, among others. These would come with many Linux distros by default.

You can investigate the install: /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/


Screen snip

Select an area to save to a file

cmd + shift + 4

Screen snip to clipboard

cmd + shift + ctrl + 4


Window screenshot

cmd + shift + 4 #then spacebar

Window screenshot to clipboard

cmd + shift + cmd + 4 #then spacebar

Screenshot, record screen UI

There’s another option for taking screenshots in Mojave.

cmd + shift + 5

This is where you can configure the type of snip you want to take.

Hold dow the option key when taking a screenshot to remove the shadow.


The ’#’ character

alt + 3


Show hidden files

shift + cmd + .

Enable “Allow apps downloaded from:”

You may notice that the option to “Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere” is disabled, to enable it use:

sudo spctl --master-disable
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