Cheat Sheets

Everyday commands, config, hints and tips used for modern web development.


Add custom search

Change the default search in Alfred


Add an alias

Sort alphabetically

See file permissions

Open the SSH agent each time you open a new terminal.

Search Bash history

Remove command from bash history


Vertically center with margin

Vertically center with absolute positioning

Vertically center with flexbox

Vertically center with grid

Breaking Long Words and URLs

Fish Shell


Oh My Fish

Use nvm with fish

List out added aliases


Add a repo from your machine to GitHub

Latest changes from repo to your machine

Add tracking information to your work

What branch

Create a local branch and push it to GitHub

Create a PR Pull Request

Check remotes

Sync a remote fork on your machine

Sync a remote fork on Github


Change origin url

Add code on your machine to new repo

Delete branches

Merge master branch into feature branch

Merge two repos

Stop tracking a file

Stop tracking a previously tracked folder

Start tracking a previously un-tracked file

Cloning a repo from someone else's GitHub and pushing it to a repo on my GitHub

Remove an upstream repository

Clone a repo and give it a different name

Using Husky?

How to read last commit comment?

Remove commit from pull request

Show .gitconfig details

Conflicts between Windows Git and WSL Git?

If you want to rename a branch while pointed to any branch, do:

Git ref log

Use SSH in place of HTTPS

How to authenticate with GitHub using SSH

Use multiple SSH keys

Re-use SSH keys, from one machine to another

Using SSH over the HTTPS port

Change SSH key password

Specify multiple users for myself in .gitconfig?

Cant remember what your last git commit said?

Rebase changes

Rebase accept incoming in bulk

See differences between two branches

See differences between two files

Revert to a previous commit



Search homebrew


Install multiple items in one command

Check for and install updates

Cask upgrade


use Git bash


Copy an array

Combine two arrays

Remove item without mutating

Reverse an array

Reverse a string

New array from existing

Return new array filter

Return one new thing only

Sum all even numbers from array

Return the first duplicate number

Async await with axios and GraphQL

Remove vowels from string

Closure examples

Mock and endpoint

List all image URLs from a web page

<div> cannot appear as a descendant of <p>

Truncate a string


Install a binary

Get build info

Get kernel version

Get architecture

See what Linux version

force uninstall a package

see what services are available

see what services are running


Screen snip


Screenshot, record screen UI



Enable "Allow apps downloaded from:"



Scale your deployment

Environment variables


install package.json dependencies

List globally installed packages.

list available scripts to run

update npm


installed version

Uninstall global package

Upgrade NPM on Windows

Updating global packages

dont rm -rf node_modules; npm install

Bump version number


update all project dependencies

browsers list

Node Version Manager (nvm)

Install specific node version

Switch node versions

Default node version

styled components

conditionally use a style

VS Code

Want to list out what extensions you have installed?

Want to have your own keyboard shortcut?

Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL)

WSL Programs that work


What version of Ubuntu is installed



Update dependencies

Globally add a package

Upgrade global packages

displays the location of the yarn bin folder.

list installed packages.



npm ci


Use nvm with zsh

include aliases

oh my zsh