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Created: 2017 May 19th

Updated: 2021 January 4th

Yarn global binaries not showing

When you globally add a package with yarn and it doesn’t show in the terminal.

Usually adding the path to your .bashrc or .zshrc works, try adding this:

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# nano ~/.bashrc
# or
# nano ~/.zshrc
export PATH="$PATH:$(yarn global bin)"

If that doesn’t work you may need to set the yarn prefix.


Confirm your global bin path:

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yarn global bin

I got: /home/username/.yarn/bin

set yarn prefix:

make sure your yarn prefix is the parent directory of your bin directory. You can confirm by running

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yarn config get prefix

When I ran this it was undefined, so I set it:

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yarn config set prefix ~/.yarn

Add the following to ~/.zshrc or ~/.bashrc

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export PATH="$PATH:`yarn global bin`"


Update dependencies

Update all project dependencies to lates versions.

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yarn upgrade --latest

Globally add a package

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yarn global add netlify-cli

Upgrade global packages

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yarn global upgrade

displays the location of the yarn bin folder.

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yarn bin

list installed packages.

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yarn ls


Couple of good one here from @beedesignllc

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yarn create react-app my-app-name

☝️ downloads and runs latest create-react-app works for other similarly named pkgs


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yarn flow

☝️ will run node_modules/.bin/flow without you having to add it as a package.json script.

npm ci

The equivalent to npm ci for yarn:

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yarn install --frozen-lockfile