NVM (Node Version Manager)

Created: 2019 Oct 26th

Updated: 2021 Mar 3rd

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Set the node version for use in a project

If a project uses a specific version of node a .nvmrc file can be generated with the following command.

# echo $(node -v) >> .nvmrc
node -v >> .nvmrc

When using the project for the first time (in a while maybe) then use the nvm use command to make sure you’re using the correct node version:

nvm use
# Found '/home/project-name/.nvmrc' with version <v14.16.0>
# Now using node v14.16.0 (npm v6.14.11)

Install specific node version

Say you want to install Node v6.9.1 you would write on the terminal:

nvm install 6

Switch node versions

If you have multiple versions of Node.js installed on your workspace, you can switch to a specific version by writing:

nvm use 0.10.40

Default node version

Making a node version default

In order to set a default version of node for your workspace, type:

nvm alias default 6

Where 6 was the version you wanted to be used as default.

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